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Purple Revolver unleashes third wave of Uber zines with Dr Martens vouchers

by Jo Ching. Published Sat 07 Jan 2012 16:53, last updated: 08/01/12

Purple Revolver have released a final wave of the 1993 Future Throwback issue of Über zine across Liverpool with vouchers for Dr Martens inside, so grab a copy while you can.

The Editors launched the issue with an ice-cold kick-ass party at the Polar Bar atop of Liverpool One, which transformed into an early 1990s Dr Martens Winter Wonderland timewarp with Wu Tang, Snoop and old school house anthems on the dancefloor.

In the special issue we delve into the music and films of 1993 and explores 18-year economic cycles and how they influence music, fashion and culture today.

Featuring interviews with Red Dwarf legend Craig Charles, Wu Tang Abbot RZA, True Romance writer Quentin Tarantino and the Second Coming of Digital Jesus.

IS Tropical give us their thoughts on the Wu Tang Clan, Lucky Beaches tells us about Kurt Cobain alongside a look into the styles of the time, the Grunge music and fashion movement and Bill Murray faces eternal return in Groundhog Day.

Select issues have vouchers to spend in the Dr Martens store now open at Liverpool One and in true 90s style some stickers.


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