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Mathew Street Festival newsflash: John Lennon immigration form unearthed

by Jo Ching. Published Mon 29 Aug 2011 19:27, last updated: 29/08/11

An immigration form filled in by Beatle legend John Lennon months before he was shot dead in New York City has been unearthed.

The official document which showcases John's irreverent sense of humour surfaced while thousands of Beatles fans from across the world descended upon Liverpool for the annual Mathew Street Festival.

The form in which he gives his nationality as Weird, is thought to have been filled out while he was on a plane and illustrates how John used his wit to deal with the stress he was put under by US Customs during his fight for residency.

The Rock hero had to battle with US bureaucrats for his right to live in the States after the FBI placed him on a list of 'revolutionaries' who posed a threat to the Government.

John states the place of issue as 'Crutch', his occupation as 'Hazardous' and his destination as 'Simultaneous Discharge.'

His name and family details answers were blacked out because of their naughty nature.


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