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Bloodstock Open Air 2011 - Saturday in pictures

by Lara Cullen. Published Tue 16 Aug 2011 19:15, last updated: 18/08/11

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Saturday at Bloodstock saw Immortal - the Black metal veterans absolutely slay a weary crowd. Pyro, theatrics and facepaint aplenty, opened with crowdsurfers going crazy, there were blood and cuts and warwounds from a frenzied mosh pit but those who were dragged out no matter how bloody, just wanted to go back for more.

Rhapsody of Fire - The Italian melodic metallers opened with a Christopher Lee voiceover, then proceeded to belt it out. Rousing drama, fun and an insane number of crowdsurfers and circle pits.

Therion - Ridiculous operatic metal. We didn't know what to expect and found them absolutely hideous. Needed to sit down and take in what I'd just witnessed.

Ihsahn - Continuing the Scandinavian theme, Norwegian composer and former singer of black metal band Emperor.

Finntroll - Unique brand of folk-metal, the Scandinavians went down really well - if you're into that kind of thing.

Dripback - Played an early set on the Sophie Lancaster stage, word of their arrival spread fast, as the newcomers got an excellent crowd by any standards and thrashed it hard and loud, pummelling hangovers and eardrums into oblivion.


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" what the hell happened to security. camp got hit 2 nights in a row with thief's thank god for a band called the furious horde who caught 1" jennifer marshall, essex around 12 years, 1 month ago